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util functions

The util functions allow you to control the appearance and logic within the pvbrowser window. These functions are included in the libraries listed in the project file. They are platform independent. Thus you don't have to worry about on which operating system your pvserver may run. Currently Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac and OpenVMS are supported for pvserver programming.

The util functions include the "PARAM *p" describing the connection to pvbrowser client. "p->s" is the socket used for communication especially.

Following is the "id" of the widget that is listed in the enum on top of mask<X> which was generated.

The trailing parameters are for the individual functions.

Calling these functions will send ASCII text to pvbrowser client. The pvbrowser client will interpret the text and call Qt methods accordingly.

Again see the following:

The reference to the utility functions can be found here Utility Functions Reference

Here you can find which utility functions apply to a special widget. Utility Functions according to Widgets

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