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custom widgets

Within pvdevelop all widgets are supported.

In order to use custom widgets within Qt designer you have to copy the plugins to the qt designer plugins directory.


Example for openSUSE 64 bit: 
cp /opt/pvb/designer/plugins/*.so /usr/lib64/qt4/plugins/designer/


copy %PVBDIR%\win\bin\plugins\designer\pvb_designer_plugin.dll %QTDIR%\plugins\designer\
copy %PVBDIR%\win\bin\plugins\designer\qwt_designer_plugin.dll %QTDIR%\plugins\designer\

Custom widgets are the following:

QDraw QImage QGLWidget QVtkTclWidget QwtPlot QwtScale QwtThermo QwtKnob QwtCounter QwtWheel QwtSlider QwtCompass
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