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EIB/KNX Visualization

Notice the names of the opc values are input within the designer as "toolTip " in this example. Thus programming is minimal.

This demo shows howto make a simple EIB/KNX visualization using EIBnet/IP.

The sourcecode of this demo is complete for simple visualizations. You only have to adjust some parameters within pvapp.h The rest is specified within the graphical designer.

For example you can insert a TabWidget in order to arrange several views. On top of the TabWidget you can insert images of the building you want to visualize. Now you may add Buttons on top of the image or whereever you want. The properties "toolTip" and "whatsThis" are used to specify the EIBnet/IP access. For a Button (On/Off) you simply input the EIBadr into the "toolTip" property.

For displaying values you might use Labels or LCDnumbers. For this you input the EIBadr into the "toolTip" and set "whatsThis" to "s" || "s2" || "s3" || "s4" || "u" || "u2" || "u3" || "u4" depending on if you want to output signed or unsigned values. The number specifies the size of the value in bytes.

Thus you don't need to code ANSI-C for simple visualizations. But you can extend your visualization if you know a little bit ANSI-C.

How this demo was coded is shown on the following pages.

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