pvbrowser manual
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Header file

Here the header file is shown, which is included in all sourcefiles of pvserver. There you can #define all that should be available to your programs.

//                          pvapp.h  -  description
//                             -------------------
//  begin            : Di Okt 6 11:25:46 2009
//  generated by     : pvdevelop (C) Lehrig Software Engineering
//  email            : lehrig@t-online.de
#ifndef _PVAPP_H_
#define _PVAPP_H_

static int trace=1; // todo: set trace=0 if you do not want printf() within event loop

#include "processviewserver.h"
// todo: comment me out
//#include "rlmodbusclient.h"
//#include "rlsiemenstcpclient.h"
//#include "rlppiclient.h"
//#include "modbusdaemon.h"             // this is generated
//#include "siemensdaemon.h"            // this is generated
//#include "ppidaemon.h"                // this is generated

int show_mask1(PARAM *p);


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