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18 Apr 2024, SourceCode Example

This SourceCode extends the template in pvbaddon/templates/cairo/info . The runHttpServer(PARAM *p) within that template does not support UFT8. Now the following simple Code adds german UTF8 characters. rlhttpd-mitutf8-de.png

23 Dez 2023, Update of the gift from Nikolaus

Grandfather's diashow created as pvserver, See: tar/christmas2023.tar.gz

06 dec 2023, A gift from Nikolaus

Grandfather's diashow created as pvserver, See: tar/nikolaus.tar.gz

20 nov 2023, First Qt6 version

See download-pvb6.tar.gz.png under the Download menu.

17 oct 2023 New rljson in rllib, Fix for problem with new qwt version.

There is a new lib useable with json formated files. And thanks to Mr. Gonçalves we could fix problems with the new version of QWT widgets. QWT is a widget lib for qt which we use within pvbrowser. From time to time we take snapshots from the original QWT lib from the autors: Rathmann, Wilgen.

14 aug 2023 New template for connecting fritzbox routers

See: pvbaddon.tar.gz pvbaddon/templates/fritzbox

02 aug 2023 Memories of the basics

The basic ideas of pvbrowser derive from the last century TDS .
With Occan and Transputers http://www.transputer.net.
In fact pvbrowser and pvserver ... build a CSP (communicating sequential processes). Take a home automation system as an example: You may talk with your router, your heating-system, your solar-inverter, some ip-cameras ..., where all of this are part of a CSP. The communication may run over classic fieldbus systems, over rest interface or more generally speaking over TCP/IP. Some routers allow you to reach a lot of IoT devices over wireless connections. The heating system also provides sensors and allows to receive setpoints as output.

06 mar 2023: Prepare pvbrowser for comeing Qt6.

See html/prepare-for-qt6.pdf. Damit sind wir jetzt auf folgendem Stand: (pvbrowser version set as 5.15.2 equal to Qt version used) snap1-aus-opensuse-buildservice

Jan-2023: A good new year 2023 Download rlfernbedienung.tar.gz

04.09.2022: Bug report about PINCH gestures on DESKTOP systems and another issue

See html/brief1.pdf.

Deutschland im Dezember 2021: Open Source Projekt https://pvbrowser.de bzw. https://pvbrowser.org geht nach 20 Jahren in die Konsolidierung

Das Project leitete einen neuen Ansatz fuer HMI SCADA ein und geht nun in einen Freeze. Die ausscheidenden Teilnehmer werden nach Kraeften die neue Generation dabei unterstuetzen auch die naechsten 20 Jahre nicht unterzugehen.

Thanks everyone.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

pvbrowser, pvb® 5.1.3

19-Jul-2020: pvbrowser-5.1.7

Version with some fine tuning published.

Dec-2019: Example from user of pvbrowser

Gonçalves 2019