pvbrowser manual
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pvbrowser client

The pvbrowser client can be compared with an internet browser. But instead of displaying almost static HTML pages it can handle dynamic content like necessary in SCADA and other areas.

The Frame of the pvbrowser window is defined by pvbrowser, whereas the content of the window is completely defined by the developer of the pvserver on the server computer(s). If the servers are changed nothing is necessary to do in the clients.

The usage of the window is thus due to your own custom implementation.

The usage of the client window should be self explaining. For more information click on the "?" right near the URL input and then click on the individual symbols in the tool bar. "Help" in the menu on the right side is a HTML page starting with index.html. This page must be loaded with pvDownloadFile() when the visualization is started. If index.html does not exist there will be no help for the custom made visualization. Within the help you can use the features that are provided by WebKit.

You can customize pvbrowser with the editor that is opened when you select "File->Options". Be aware that some changes only take effect after restarting the pvbrowser client.

Also some command line switches are available.

usage:   pvbrowser <-debug<=level>> <-log> <-ini=filename> <-font=name<:size>> <host<:port></mask>> <-disable> <-geometry=x:y:w:h> <-global_strut=width:height> <-delay=milliseconds>
example: pvbrowser
example: pvbrowser localhost
example: pvbrowser localhost:5050
example: pvbrowser -font=courier localhost
example: pvbrowser -font=arial:14 localhost:5050 -disable
example: pvbrowser -geometry=0:0:640:480
example: pvbrowser -global_strut=50:50 # set minimum size for embedded systems

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