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pvdevelop IDE

pvdevelop is a IDE for development of pvservers using C C++ . With pvdevelop you don't have to worry about creating your Makefile and Compiling from Sourcecode . Also browsing and editing the components of pvserver is easy.

When you select "File->new pvserver" you are prompted for the name and location of your pvserver. Then the integrated designer is shown. You have to use the popup menu available on the right mouse button.

Graphically input your layout. Then save the layout and change to editor mode.

The new pvserver will be generated automatically. Please browse the sourcecode from within pvdevelop in order to understand it's structure.

There is a project file describing the sourcecode and the libraries used.

There is a main file. In this main file you can see the different main() functions for INETD and MULTI THREADED pvserver separated by an #ifdef statement. pvMain is the main function for handling 1 client. In this subroutine there is a loop in which the available masks are called. The return value of any mask defines which mask to show next.

There is one header file included in all sources of pvserver.

There are as much masks as you define. The sourcecode will be generated automatically. Normally you don't have to worry about.

There are as much mask_slots as you define. This header file is included in the according mask. There your local DATA and slot subroutines are defined.

After you have done these initial steps you can run and see your initial visualization. "Action->start server" and "Action->start browser" will do it.

Your task will be to fill out DATA and slot<X> to implement the logic of your pvserver. We will publish slots for frequently used tasks in the pvbrowser documentation. You may simply Copy&Paste these templates into your own pvserver.

The development can also be integrated into other IDE like Eclipse. Especially Qt Creator from Nokia/Trolltech is a good choice.

Alternatively to using the integrated graphical designer you can also use Qt Designer . In this case use the import and export functions for ui-files within pvdevelop.

Programming will be described in the following topics.

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