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New Features in ProcessViewBrowser and ProcessViewServer

version 5.1.x

Now supports Qt5 with Google Blink. Integrates libcairo SVG / PNG surfaces on the pvserver that are shown on the pvbrowser client. Provides binaries for Raspberry Pi Raspbian.

version 4.8.x

32 bit mingw and 64 bit msvc windows version of pvbrowser client available. websocket plugin for pvserver available. pvbserver now useable as dual pvserver and httpd added proxy and encryption support added rlsvgvdi class (xy-graphics on server and client) added rlhtml2pdf tool for converting html reports to pdf Optionally can switch between Webkit + QGL and Blink + QOpenGL html file browser added to rllib pvserver can now be used as httpd added pvdevelop systemd support image widget refactured added rlfind commandline tool extensions: video with ffmpeg prepared webkit voice control with morsecode fix build_python_interface.sh Dave Tian, fixed: PYTHON_INCLUDE and PYTHON_LIB environment variable When the result contains more than 1 dir, this would break the build mkmodbus daemon patch from Nestor Levi Palomeque nestorlevi@gmail.com Make pvb/pvserver/util.cpp linkable with visualcpp Fix std::map problem in visual studio See: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16399813/stl-map-error-c2679-in-c Added pvCmdLine to util.cpp and pass -gui opt

version 4.7.x

Language translation for pvserver with ini files, pvtr("text"). Improved integration of pvdevelop and Qt Creator. Optimized rlSiemensTCP. rlSetsockopt and rlGetsockopt added to rlSocket. Stylesheets are now supported by Qt widgets. Symbian support (Thanks to Christian Faure). Substitute fake_qmake for qmake Makefile generator. New option "-gui" for pvserver will start and connect pvbrowser automatically. Transport layer of pvbrowser can be exchanged via plugins. New tool pvservice allows you to start commandline apps as Windows Service. pvbrowser can be compiled with Qt5. Support for Siemens LOGO! 0BA7 plc. fake_qmake tool that can substitute qmake and thus allows pvserver development without the Qt SDK.

version 4.6.x

Transport layer may be exchanged by plugins. Added -gui option to pvserver which will start pvbrowser client as gui. Custom widgets can be integrated as plugin (Thanks to Christian Faure). Access control by allow and deny access control files. Support for Android. Integration of scripting language lua. Now providing an Android client. New class rlReport for generating reports with LaTeX generated PDF files. Zooming whole mask with CTRL+MouseWheel. New class rlStatemachine for use in SoftPLC. QSvgRenderer or the WebKit SVG renderer can be selected. The WebKit SVG renderer is more mature than QSvgRenderer which only supports SVG Tiny. Using the "-gui" option all pvservers can now automatically start pvbrowser as gui, thus making a pvserver act as a normal desktop application.

version 4.5.x

Added analog instrument widgets. Added lifeCounters for monitoring connections of data acquisition. pvbrowser as Firefox plugin. Improvements in pvdevelop designer. QwtDial and QwtAnalogClock widgets. rlCommandlineInterface class.

version 4.5 Qt4

Maemo support.
New DockWidget dialog available.
Webcam with Motion JPEG over http now supported by class rlWebcam from rllib.
TextBrowser widget now substituted by WebKit widget.

version 4.4 Qt4

The server can now open documents on the client tmp directory
in format pdf | image | svg | txt | csv | html using a local program,
that can be defined in the ini file. The document must be downloaded first.
Using a right click on a table you can now save the table as CSV or open it in ooffice or excel.
Translating using rlIniFile i18n added.
gcc 4.4 support.
Tables cells may now be set as Button/ComboBox/CheckBox/Pixmap or Label.
Button Events now deliver the actual mouse positon in p->mouse_x and p->mouse_y .
rlSiemensTcp now checks if you tried to access non existant DB objects (Thanks to patch from Victor Centelles).
QInputDialog fixed to support UTF8 also.
You can allocate additional widgets after the widgets that are designed graphically by setting "p->num_additional_widgets = number;" before constructing your mask. Thus you can construct additional widgets also by algorithm.
2D Autocad DWF files can now be handled within pvbrowser using OpenGL.
IPV6 adresses are now supported. You may start your pvserver with a -ipv6 option, in order to use IPV6. The client will automatically detect if the pvserver uses IPV4 or IPV6.

version 4.3 Qt4

Install program for windows.
Tabbed browsing available.
Plugin for firefox available.
If compiled with QT_VERSION greater or equal 4.4.0 KHTML/WebKit is supported.
Hyperlinking from pv:// to http:// and vice versa.
Named Objects within SVG graphics can now generate Pressed and Released Events when clicked with the mouse.
Ethernet/IP supported via TuxEIP.
Added support for Python programming within pvserver.
Added import/export for Qt Designer ui-files.

version 4.2 Qt4

MinGW may be used instead of Visual C++ 6.0 or Express Edition.
Added widgetType[] within pvserver.
rllib extendet.
PROFIBUS support with Hilscher CIF cards.
Extendet SVG support.
EIBnet/IP support.
OPC XML-DA support.
Mac OS-X / Intel support.
Added ID's for handling MainWindowIds.
enum MainWindowIds {
ID_ROOTWIDGET = 0,    /// # pvHide(p,ID_EDITBAR) pvShow(p,ID_EDITBAR)
ID_EDITBAR    = -1,   /// # pvHide(p,ID_TOOLBAR) pvShow(p,ID_TOOLBAR)
ID_TOOLBAR    = -2,   /// # pvHide(p,ID_STATUSBAR) pvShow(p,ID_STATUSBAR)
ID_STATUSBAR  = -3,   /// # pvResize(p,ID_MAINWINDOW,width,height)
ID_MAINWINDOW = -4,   /// # pvHide(p,ID_HELP) pvShow(p,ID_HELP)
ID_HELP       = -5,   /// # pvPrintf(p,ID_COOKIE,"%s=%s",cookie_name,cookie_values) pvPrintf(p,ID_COOKIE,cookie_name)
ID_COOKIE     = -6 };

version 4.1 Qt4

Extendet SVG support. See rlSvgAnimator within rllib.
More mouse events.
Hyperlink can be opened in separate window.
pvserver can hide/show editmenu, toolbar and statusbar.
pvserver can resize mainwindow.
Some fixes that were left over by Qt3->Qt4 port.

version 4.0 Qt4

Release version of pvbrowser Qt4.
New pvdevelop IDE with integrated graphical designer.

version 2.9

Animator for SVG graphics included in rllib.
ui2pvc is generating slots for even more simple server development.
Copy and Paste programming.
Extendet pvbuilder.
Playing sound files. You should use WAV files for compatibility. On Linux install Network Sound System.
Multilangual Wiki for documentation and discussion started.

version 2.8

pvbrowser provides a kpart for integration into konqueror or firefox now.
Layout Management is now implemented. Input Layout in Qt Designer. Code will be generated by ui2pvc.
Soap XML file, containing widget information can be generated by ui2pvc.

version 2.7

New "pvbuilder" application for creating pvservers
rllib now tested S7-200 and S7-400.
rllib is now under LGPL.
Curves in qwt plot widget can be removed.
Masks can be directly selected via the URL.

version 2.6

clicked event also for QTable->QHeader.
set (shape,shadow,linewidth,margin) for all objects derived from QFrame within Qt Designer.
New: pvSetAlignment() for QLabel and QLineEdit.
SVG graphics can be animated from pvserver using DOM.
Animated MNG or GIF images can be set in QLabel.
Cross Reference. Which function can be used by a Widget.
See Module Construction in reference manual.
New pvTableSetHeaderResizeEnabled()
Editing colored tabel cells now possible.
USER_EVENT implemented. You can send events to yourself.
Sandbox for Tcl (VTK).

version 2.5

The inifile has been extendet.
Support for ssh:// - url.
Example: ssh://user@pvbrowser.org:visuhost:5050
Optional password dialog at application exit.
You can hide the menu bar.
Support for non latin languages (QTextCodec).
Added icons to menus.
Widgets are disabled on connection lost.
pvInsertItem(p,id,index,bmp_file,text); // supports QComboBox.

version 2.4

Files are now cached in pvDownloadFile(). Please update your pvbrowser's.
pvserver's may stay as they are.
QListView extendet. You can now use strings in the path=/dir/subdir/subsubdir
Since the inifile is extendet, you should delete your old inifile.
Scrollbars can be switched on/off in the inifile.
Autoreconnect can be switched on/off in the inifile.
New menu item Reconnect CTRL-R.
WordWrap of QTableItems can be set with pvSetWordWrap(p,id,wrap).

version 2.3

TabOrder of widgets can be set from Qt Designer.
New pvStatusMessage(p,r,g,b,text), writes status bar text.
New support for SVG graphics in QDrawWidget.
Status line goes red on connection lost.
New pvScreenHint(p,w,h) for automatically zooming screen.
New pvTableSetEnabled(), you can enable/disable QTableItems.

version 2.2

QTables can be saved as CSV file for import to spreadsheet
Modbus driver supporting ASCII/RTU Serial/TCP
Siemens 3964R driver
unit conversion in pvserver Metric vs. US_Units
multi lingual pvservers supported
dynamic html in QTextBrowser
The ToolTip and the WhatsThis properties of your objects are now written to the generated file. You may use them for your purpose. E.g. identifiying the variable to read.
New pvSetEnabled(), you can enable/disable objects.
New commandline switch -disable hides some menues

version 2.1

Because the inifile ~/.pvbrz is extended please delete the old file
Screen of pvbrowser can be zoomed
You may use HTML for text in Qt Designer (correct quoting)
Libraries: dependency of Qt removed
additional documentation

version 2.0

button events for images
colored table cells fixed
Mouse events for QwtPlotWidget
Time labels in QwtPlotWidget
Images with alpha buffer fixed
Images are now automatically downsized to widget dimensions
QTextBrowser now sends TEXT_EVENTS when links are clicked
New Widget QToolBox
ui2pvc extended

version 1.9

automake & autoconf substituted by qmake
Other icons
full_screen=1 fixed
some new functions

version 1.8

New widgets for QDateTimeEdit, QDateEdit, QTimeEdit.
More methods for QTable (resize table, scroll table content)
Extensions in rllib

version 1.7

Script languages for ProcessViewServer.

version 1.6

Integration of Qwt Widgets

version 1.5

Context Menus
color for TableCells can be specified
ModalDialog(s) can be defined
Keyboard Events

version 1.4

Integration into web browser <a href="pv://localhost:5050"> pvsdemo </a>
Support for qt3.1.1
Some fixes.

version 1.3

Language can be customized.
Start new ProcessViewBrowser window from within ProcessViewBrowser.
New HOWTO-create-a-ProcessViewServer.
Printing landscape views.
Range check for MAX_PRINTF_LENGTH in ProcessViewBrowser and ProcessViewServer
Some bug fixes as reported from users.
rllib has been extendet

version 1.2

Improved interpreter. Wait cursor on reconnects. Transparent pixmaps.
Enhanced QTable handling.
Format of Axis values in QDrawWidget can be set.

version 1.1

Fixed clipboard and screenshot handling.
Additional functions on request of users (removeItem(QComboBox), removeItemByName(QComboBox), more lines in gLine .
Support for tcl8.4 and newest CVS version of VTK

version 1.0

Full screen mode, splash logo.
Examples for using VTK.

version 0.9

Integrates VTK http://www.kitware.com into ProcessViewBrowser.
You can now use the Tcl script language to implement professional 3D graphics.

version 0.8

Provides an RPM for easier installation on Linux
Supports ProcessViewBrowser also on OpenVMS. On OpenVMS OpenGL is not supported.
You can omit OpenGL if you want. See pvglwidget.h USE_OPEN_GL.
Adds some more features on request of users

version 0.7

Font of all widgets selectable
Some work in the underground

version 0.6

QMultiLineEdit, QListView, QIconView, QTextBrowser
Better documentation

version 0.5

support for all image formats that are supported by Qt
Images with transparent background
QTabWidget, QGroupBox, QListBox, QTable, QSpinBox, QDial, QLine, QProgressBar, QFileDialog, QMessageBox, QInputDialog

version 0.4

graphical design of masks using Qt Designer (ui2pvc)
QToolTip available
Draw filled Rectangles in QDrawWidget

version 0.3

some bug fixes and support for a server under OpenVMS.
The server software is now completely independant of Qt.

version 0.2

some additional Qt widgets and OpenGL. (Currently all gl-output functions are implemented but not all gl-input functions)

version 0.1

First version of ProcessViewBrowser+Server