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Symbian Paket

Der pvbrowser, pvb® Client für Symbian wurde von Christian Faure erstellt und getestet.




Here is the procedure for build, if someone need it:
is very simple, with Nokia Qt SDK (only for MS-Windows):

1. Copy the pvb folder to same drive where SDK reside.
2. Open qwt.pro (with qt creator) 
3. Select target ("Symbian S60"  "Release" for my phone)
4. Build project...  take a coffee...
5. Copy the generated "qwt.lib" from SDK to pvb\qwt\lib folder 
my qwt.lib is at F:\QtSDK\Symbian\SDKs\Symbian1Qt473\epoc32\release\armv5\urel  
The installbase option seem ignored :-(
6. Open pvrowser.pro with qt creator, select target, and build... take other coffee...
7. In project, run section, clear "silent instalation", select "create smart installer". see screenshots
8. Do "run", this build the installer (.sis file) and try to run it on the phone.
pvbrowser-symbian-build.png pvbrowser-symbian-run.png