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#define readDataCast   int (*)(void *)
#define showDataCast   int (*)(PARAM *, void *)


int pvFileDialog (PARAM *p, int id_return, int type)
int pvPopupMenu (PARAM *p, int id_return, const char *text)
int pvMessageBox (PARAM *p, int id_return, int type, const char *text, int button0, int button1, int button2)
int pvInputDialog (PARAM *p, int id_return, const char *text, const char *default_text)
int pvRunModalDialog (PARAM *p, int width, int height, int(*showMask)(PARAM *p), void *userData, int(*readData)(void *d), int(*showData)(PARAM *p, void *d), void *d)
int pvRunModalDialogScript (PARAM *p, int width, int height)
int pvTerminateModalDialog (PARAM *p)
int pvUpdateBaseWindow (PARAM *p)
int pvUpdateBaseWindowOnOff (PARAM *p, int onoff)
int pvAddDockWidget (PARAM *p, const char *title, int dock_id, int root_id, int allow_close=0, int floating=1, int allow_left=1, int allow_right=0, int allow_top=0, int allow_bottom=0)
int pvDeleteDockWidget (PARAM *p, int dock_id, int delete_widget=0)

Detailed Description

Some dialogs

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ readDataCast

#define readDataCast   int (*)(void *)
Open and run a modal dialog box

◆ showDataCast

#define showDataCast   int (*)(PARAM *, void *)

Function Documentation

◆ pvAddDockWidget()

int pvAddDockWidget ( PARAM p,
const char *  title,
int  dock_id,
int  root_id,
int  allow_close = 0,
int  floating = 1,
int  allow_left = 1,
int  allow_right = 0,
int  allow_top = 0,
int  allow_bottom = 0 
This function will add a QDockWidget (floating modeless docking dialog)
title       := title of the docking dialog
dock_id     := ID_DOCK_WIDGETS + n . Where n = 0...31 MAX_DOCK_WIDGETS 
root_id     := id of root object. root_id is the id of a widget out of the designed widgets. 
               The root object will be reparent to the dock widget. Thus disappering in the main mask.
allow_close := 0|1 allow the user to close (hide) the dialog
floating    := 0|1 moveable by user
allow_X     := 0|1 allow dock widget to be docked on the according position.
Functions that apply to dock_id:
You can control the size of the area occupied for the dock area by specifying the
min/man size property of the root_id widget.

◆ pvDeleteDockWidget()

int pvDeleteDockWidget ( PARAM p,
int  dock_id,
int  delete_widget = 0 
This function will delete the DockWidget.
You may reuse the widgets within the DockWidget for other purposes.
If delete_widgets == 1 the widgets within the dock will be deleted.
If delete_widgets == 0 the widgets within the dock will be reparent to the main widget of the mask.

◆ pvFileDialog()

int pvFileDialog ( PARAM p,
int  id_return,
int  type 
Open a file selection dialog on the client
id_return is send in a TEXT_EVENT
type = FileOpenDialog|FileSaveDialog|FindDirectoryDialog

◆ pvInputDialog()

int pvInputDialog ( PARAM p,
int  id_return,
const char *  text,
const char *  default_text 
Open a InputDialog on the client
id_return is send in a TEXT_EVENT
if user clicked Cancel TEXT_EVENT will return ""

◆ pvMessageBox()

int pvMessageBox ( PARAM p,
int  id_return,
int  type,
const char *  text,
int  button0,
int  button1,
int  button2 
Open a MessageBox on the client
id_return is send in a SLIDER_EVENT
type = BoxInformation|BoxWarning|BoxCritical
if buttonX == 0 the button is not shown

◆ pvPopupMenu()

int pvPopupMenu ( PARAM p,
int  id_return,
const char *  text 
Open a PopupMenu on the client
id_return is send in a TEXT_EVENT
The Text will be the selected item or ""
Example for text:
(Two commas means, separator)
You can add a checkbox in front of each entry with "#c(1)"
You can add a icon in front of each entry with "#i(name.png)"
Example for text:

◆ pvRunModalDialog()

int pvRunModalDialog ( PARAM p,
int  width,
int  height,
int(*)(PARAM *p)  showMask,
void *  userData,
int(*)(void *d)  readData,
int(*)(PARAM *p, void *d)  showData,
void *  d 

◆ pvRunModalDialogScript()

int pvRunModalDialogScript ( PARAM p,
int  width,
int  height 
For script languages:

◆ pvTerminateModalDialog()

int pvTerminateModalDialog ( PARAM p)
Terminate the modal dialog box

◆ pvUpdateBaseWindow()

int pvUpdateBaseWindow ( PARAM p)
Call this function from a ModalDialog in order to update the base window

◆ pvUpdateBaseWindowOnOff()

int pvUpdateBaseWindowOnOff ( PARAM p,
int  onoff 
Call this function from a script language