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Data Structures

class  glFont


int pvGlBegin (PARAM *p, int id)
int pvSendOpenGL (PARAM *p, const char *filename, GLuint *listarray, int max_array, glFont *proportional=NULL, glFont *fixed=NULL)
int pvGlEnd (PARAM *p)

Detailed Description

These are the routines that you must use when you want OpenGL. You can use any OpenGL function between pvGlBegin() and pvGlEnd() .

You can also send files that are generated by our code generators e.G. Autocad DWF2OpenGL

Function Documentation

◆ pvGlBegin()

int pvGlBegin ( PARAM p,
int  id 
Call this function when you want to begin with OpenGL commands

◆ pvGlEnd()

int pvGlEnd ( PARAM p)
Call this function when you are finished with OpenGL commands

◆ pvSendOpenGL()

int pvSendOpenGL ( PARAM p,
const char *  filename,
GLuint *  listarray,
int  max_array,
glFont proportional = NULL,
glFont fixed = NULL 
send OpenGL file to pvbrowser
return: number of entries within listarray
This file could be generated by our Autocad DWF2OpenGL generator for example.