Data Fields
_PARAM_ Struct Reference

#include <processviewserver.h>

Data Fields

int s
int os
int port
int language
int convert_units
FILE * fp
int sleep
int(* cleanup )(void *)
void * app_data
void * user
char * clipboard
long clipboard_length
int modal
int(* readData )(void *d)
int(* showData )(_PARAM_ *p, void *d)
void * modal_d
void * modalUserData
PARSE_EVENT_STRUCT parse_event_struct
float * x
float * y
int nxy
char initial_mask [MAX_PRINTF_LENGTH]
char file_prefix [32]
int free
char version [32]
char pvserver_version [32]
int exit_on_bind_error
int hello_counter
int local_milliseconds
int force_null_event
int allow_pause
int pause
int my_pvlock_count
int num_additional_widgets
int mouse_x
int mouse_y
char * mytext
const char * communication_plugin
int use_communication_plugin
char lang_section [32]
char * mytext2
int http
FILE * fptmp
int fhdltmp
int iclientsocket
int is_binary
int button

Field Documentation

◆ allow_pause

int _PARAM_::allow_pause

◆ app_data

void* _PARAM_::app_data

◆ button

int _PARAM_::button

◆ cleanup

int(* _PARAM_::cleanup) (void *)

◆ clipboard

char* _PARAM_::clipboard

◆ clipboard_length

long _PARAM_::clipboard_length

◆ communication_plugin

const char* _PARAM_::communication_plugin

◆ convert_units

int _PARAM_::convert_units

◆ exit_on_bind_error

int _PARAM_::exit_on_bind_error

◆ fhdltmp

int _PARAM_::fhdltmp

◆ file_prefix

char _PARAM_::file_prefix[32]

◆ force_null_event

int _PARAM_::force_null_event

◆ fp


◆ fptmp

FILE* _PARAM_::fptmp

◆ free

int _PARAM_::free

◆ hello_counter

int _PARAM_::hello_counter

◆ http

int _PARAM_::http

◆ iclientsocket

int _PARAM_::iclientsocket

◆ initial_mask

char _PARAM_::initial_mask[MAX_PRINTF_LENGTH]

◆ is_binary

int _PARAM_::is_binary

◆ lang_section

char _PARAM_::lang_section[32]

◆ language

int _PARAM_::language

◆ local_milliseconds

int _PARAM_::local_milliseconds

◆ modal

int _PARAM_::modal

◆ modal_d

void* _PARAM_::modal_d

◆ modalUserData

void* _PARAM_::modalUserData

◆ mouse_x

int _PARAM_::mouse_x

◆ mouse_y

int _PARAM_::mouse_y

◆ my_pvlock_count

int _PARAM_::my_pvlock_count

◆ mytext

char* _PARAM_::mytext

◆ mytext2

char* _PARAM_::mytext2

◆ num_additional_widgets

int _PARAM_::num_additional_widgets

◆ nxy

int _PARAM_::nxy

◆ os

int _PARAM_::os

◆ parse_event_struct

PARSE_EVENT_STRUCT _PARAM_::parse_event_struct

◆ pause

int _PARAM_::pause

◆ port

int _PARAM_::port

◆ pvserver_version

char _PARAM_::pvserver_version[32]

◆ readData

int(* _PARAM_::readData) (void *d)

◆ s

int _PARAM_::s

◆ showData

int(* _PARAM_::showData) (_PARAM_ *p, void *d)

◆ sleep

int _PARAM_::sleep

◆ url


◆ use_communication_plugin

int _PARAM_::use_communication_plugin

◆ user

void* _PARAM_::user

◆ version

char _PARAM_::version[32]

◆ x

float* _PARAM_::x

◆ y

float* _PARAM_::y

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