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Screenshots from EON Romania


I've just finished a pvBrowser application for EON (energy distribution). I have no time to write a true case study but here are few words: the system controls the power distribution on Vaslui and Botosani counties (NE side of Romania, appx. 10000 sqkm) by remote control of more than 50 power switches (reclosers) installed on 20KV power lines.

The power switches are controlled through GSM network. I'm using for data transmission over GSM Violasystems ARCTIC Modbus Gateways (this is a briliant device, I'm using it since august 2008 and I'm very happy with) which take care on maintaining the data connection and converts from Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU.

I've designed multiple modbusdaemons (one for each controlled device). You can find in the "Photos" section screenshots from the control interface.

Please feel free to ask any information regarding this kind of projects, I'll be glad to provide it. Thank you all for your support.

Arian Mares