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MJPG (Motion JPEG) Webcam support in pvbrowser

Using the class rlWebcam you can use networked Webcams with MJPG standard. In the screenshot you see the webcam in pvbrowser and firefox. In the left upper window you can see the CPU and memory usage.

Firefox uses the most CPU time and memory (10,96 %CPU and 13,53 %MEM). The pvbrowser client uses less (4,649 %CPU and 1,585 %MEM). The pvserver (pvs) uses very little CPU and memory for receiving the video and sending it forward to the pvbrowser client (0,664 %CPU and 0,088 %MEM).

The demo is stored in pvbaddon/demos/webcam. https://github.com/pvbrowser/pvbaddon/tree/master/demos/webcam.

webcam screenshot