pvbrowser, pvb® - The Process Visualiation Browser.

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Video introducing pvbrowser

1 Usage of pvdevelop

A new server project is created including one button and one label.

pvdevelop creates the framework for the server which you already can compile and execute. Then we define a variable i within our pvserver and initialize it. Cyclically this variable is incremented and it's value is printed on the label. Within the ButtonEvent we reset the variable to 0.

2 Running an example on localhost

We run the demo pvserver included from our package. It includes several masks and we show:

  1. Plot
  2. Table
  3. Hello World using a SVG graphic
  4. GnuPlot output within pvbrowser
  5. An animated SVG graphic
  6. A drawing which has been exported from Autocad shown with OpenGL

3 Running an example on pv://pvbrowser.de

Now we run the demo over the internet pv://pvbrowser.de

4 Using normal web pages in pvbrowser

We show that pvbrowser can handle normal web pages. You can combine web content in your normal masks along with other widgets.