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25-Feb-2019: pvbrowser-5.1.4

Binary package for Raspbian published.

08-Jan-2019: pvbrowser-5.1.4 published.

New version of pvbrowser. 
No new features.
Only bug fixes.

05-Nov-2017: pvbrowser-5.1.3 published.

New version of pvbrowser with libcairo integration.
The pvbrowser Client can now show SVG / PNG surfaces of libcairo generated within a pvserver.
See: pvbaddon/templates/cairo

25-Oct-2017: libcairo example published.

libcairo example

20-Oct-2017: pvbrowser-5.1.2 published.

   Fix Qt Designer plugin and reenable Web Plugins.

11-Oct-2017: addeed a small programming course in german language

01-Aug-2017: pvbrowser-qt5.apk published.

   Fixes gestures on Android.

26-Jul-2017: pvbrowser-5.1.1 published.

  Now supports Qt5 with Google Blink.

10-Jan-2017: pvbrowser-4.8.6 published.

  Some fixes reported by users.
  32 bit mingw and 64 bit msvc version of pvbrowser-client windows available.

06-Jul-2016: pvbrowser-4.8.5 published.

  pvserver useable as dual pvserver and httpd
  added proxy and encryption support

22-Apr-2016: pvbrowser-4.8.4 published.

  added rlsvgvdi class (xy-graphics on server and client) 
  added rlhtml2pdf tool for converting html reports to pdf 
  Optionally can switch between Webkit + QGL and Blink + QOpenGL 

17-Feb-2016 published: Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi

05-Jan-2016: pvbrowser-4.8.3 published.

  Many thanks to the tireless attacks from the internet against our server that
  helped us to harden our software.
  These tireless efforts from chinese ip addresses have been a very good test 
  environment for stress testing our server.
  - We can now manage to handle many connection requests from clients 
    within much less than a second.
  - The server does no longer call "exit" when more than MAX_CLIENTS try to connect.
    Instead we ignore those requests.
  As a result pvbrowser-4.8.3 is published.
  Note: The client on Android and OS-X have not been updated, 
        because they are not affected. 

01-Dec-2015: pvbrowser-4.8.2 published.

    Minor fixes.
    New function pvSetFocus().

14-Aug-2015: pvbrowser-4.8.1 published.

    html file browser added to rllib
    pvserver can now be used as httpd
    added pvdevelop systemd support
    image widget refactured
    added rlfind commandline tool
    extensions: video with ffmpeg
    prepared webkit voice control with morsecode
    fix build_python_interface.sh
    Dave Tian, fixed: PYTHON_INCLUDE and PYTHON_LIB environment variable
    When the result contains more than 1 dir, this would break the build
    mkmodbus daemon patch from Nestor Levi Palomeque
    Make pvb/pvserver/util.cpp linkable with visualcpp
    Fix std::map problem in visual studio
    See: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16399813/stl-map-error-c2679-in-c
    Added pvCmdLine to util.cpp and pass -gui opt

05-May-2015: pvbrowser-4.7.9 published.

    Only minor fixes.

29-Sep-2014: pvbrowser-4.7.8 published.

    Fix in SVG when zooming masks (CTRL+MouseWheel or PinchGesture).
    Fix in generating widgetNames in pvdevelop when mask uses layout manager.

03-Sep-2014: pvbrowser-4.7.7 published.

    Fixes for opensuse buildservice
    Extensions in rllib
    Android qt5 support
    Added opt.cursor_shape
    Optionally build with NO_WEBKIT
    Some fixes for Windows
    Added script language helpers to rlPlcState
    Prepared for IXXAT Econ ARM Linux and
    patches from cmeyer
    sendRGBA useing scanLine
    Alpha mask
    Jpeg handling
    Pass one JPEG frame
    Added pvPassThroughOneJpegFrame
    pvdevelop generates widget names. rlspawn can
    return FILE *fromChild
    rlspawn now works on Windows
    Tried to port browserplugin to qt5 but no QX11EmbedWidget is available in qt5
    Optional rotate images
    Updated pvslib doc
    Optimized webcam

17-Jan-2014: pvbrowser-4.7.6 published.

Support for Siemens LOGO! 0BA7 plc.

fake_qmake tool that can substitute qmake and thus allows pvserver development without the Qt SDK.

28-May-2013: pvbrowser-4.7.5 published.

Now we support DCS (distributed control system) with state machine and closed loop controllers.

Some bug fixes. An important bug which was fixed is a memory leak of 2 bytes / client in pvserver. According to valgrind there are no memory leaks.

26-Apr-2013: Bugfix release pvbrowser-4.7.4 published.

Within rllib rlsocket.cpp a severe bug was reported. Because of the bug socket file handles were not closed in case of a connection failure thus running short of file handles. This release of pvbrowser fixes the issue.

The pvbrowser client had not been affected by the issue. Also pvservers are not affected by the issue as long as you did not use rlSocket in there. But applications like daemons for data acquisition over TCP are affected for example.

26-Mar-2013: pvbrowser-4.7.3 published.

Change of mutex in rlSharedMemory because of Windows 7 support (see below). OpenGL support now also on OS-X. The OS-X DMG package now includes the Qt libraries. Thus it is sufficient to download pvbrowser.dmg only for getting the pvbrowser client. The coordinates send at mouse movement within QwtPlot widgets have been fixed. The whole connection_block used by rlSiemensTCP can now be set. You can now specify any TSAP combination. A new tool "fake_qmake" is included in our package. It can replace the original qmake from the Qt Framework but has less features. Nevertheless it is sufficient for building our pvserver. Because of this Windows users need no longer to install the Qt SDK when they want to use pvbrowser. Only MinGW is necessary then. If the original qmake is available "fake_qmake" will call the original. pvbrowser now compiles with the Qt5 version of Qt also.

ATTENTION: rlSharedMemory now uses a different mutex mechanism (file lock). You must download pvbaddon.tar.gz again if you use daemons from pvbaddon for data acquisition. Otherwise the old daemon and a new pvserver would use different mutex versions which will not work.

01-Jan-2013: pvbrowser-4.7.2 published.

2 issues with SVG graphics fixed, which were related to files generated by dot (graphviz). Statemachines see rlstate.h

06-Nov-2012: pvbrowser-4.7.1 published.

Improved integration of pvdevelop and Qt Creator. Optimized rlSiemensTCP. rlSetsockopt and rlGetsockopt added to rlSocket. Stylesheets are now supported by Qt widgets.

11-Sep-2012: pvbrowser-4.7.0 published.

Language translation for pvserver with ini files, pvtr("text"). See pvb.en.pdf "Programming->Language translations", Page 91-92

14-Jun-2012: pvbrowser-4.6.9 published.

  • Support for Symbian (Thanks to Christian Faure).
  • Custom widgets can be integrated by plugins (Thanks to Christian Faure).
  • Transport layer may be exchanged by plugins.
  • AB DF1 protocol implemented (Thanks to Evangelos Arkalis).
  • Added "-gui" option to pvserver which will start the client. You may use a pvserver as a normal desktop application.
  • Bug fixes (Thanks to all users reporting bugs).
  • Updated pvbaddon.tar.gz .

10-Mar-2012: New webpage for pvbrowser.

25-Feb-2012: pvbrowser 4.6.8 fixes a problem with showing html files from local file when using Qt version ≥ 4.8.0

19-Dec-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.7 fixes a fatal bug on Windows when using the WebKit SVG renderer. WebKit runs within a separate thread and will use the "new" operator. This comes into conflict with our own thread when you run on Windows. There the "new" operator is not thread save. At least MinGW does not care for it and does not surround this critical section with a mutex. Since even the "-mthread" does not fix it, we avoid using the "new" operator within our own code when we call the WebKit SVG renderer. See file: pvb/pvbrowser/QDrawWidget.cpp method: pvSvgAnimator::update() Also some improvements and cleanups were done when rendering SVG graphics. For example the SVG can be zoomed with Ctrl+mouseWheel .
29-Nov-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.6 published. Qt provides 2 different SVG renderers. The QSvgRenderer only supports the SVG Tiny standard. But now you can also use the SVG renderer from WebKit which supports more SVG features. It can render shades for example but filters are still not supported. You can switch to the WebKit SVG renderer when you insert the following line to the pvbrowser options. use_webkit_for_svg=1 # 0|1 Otherwise QSvgRenderer will be used as before. Attention: When using the WebKit SVG renderer pvRequestBoundsOnElement() is currently not supported. New class rlStatemachine Useing this class you can implement statemachines for use in a SoftPLC for example. Fix in decode(text) (Utf8/ISO) to support openSUSE 12.1
28-Oct-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.5 published. This version fixes an inaccuracy in text positioning within SVG graphics.
26-Oct-2011: The development version of pvbrowser in our git repository now supports zooming of the whole mask with CTRL+MouseWheel.
11-Oct-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.4 published. New class rlReport for generating reports with LaTeX. Provide static libraries also. Some fixes.
04-Jul-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.3 published. The pvservers now support allow and deny files for defining ranges of IP addresse allowed to connect. A Android client is now available. The array for lines in the QDraw widget now has no upper limit anymore. Added functions to print HTML, SVG on printer attached to the client.
09-Jun-2011: pvbrowser client now running on Android emulator. The first user now has reported that it runs on his mobile device. Currently there are 2 message boxes when connecting for diagnostic purposes. These message boxes will be removed when more devices have been tested.
05-Apr-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.2 Extensions and fixes on Lua and Webkit. Hint: delete ~/.pvbrowser.ini (Linux) or %USERPROFILE%\pvbrowser.ini (Windows) because there are some new options in the INI file. If you do not delete the INI file you can't use these options.
03-Apr-2011: User "xvedra " on our forum reported that pvbrowser runs on Mini2440 | S3C2440 ARM9 Board .
Pvbrowser (server, client and daemon modbus) works without problems into
mini2440, compiling code with QtCreator.
A cheap option for a portable SCADA.
See blog and videos at http://xvedra.blogspot.com/.
02-Apr-2011: Since yesterday there is a DDOS attack on our server from
inetnum: -
netname:      CHINANET-HB
descr:        CHINANET Hubei province network
descr:        China Telecom
descr:        A12,Xin-Jie-Kou-Wai Street
descr:        Beijing 100088
country:      CN
admin-c:      CH93-AP
tech-c:       CHA1-AP
mnt-by:       APNIC-HM
mnt-lower:    MAINT-CN-CHINANET-HB
mnt-routes:   MAINT-CN-CHINANET-HB
12:42 Hopefully our deny will ban them for now and forever.
10-Mar-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.1 Fixes missing DLL on Windows introduced in 4.6.0 , Send server version to client, new class pvWidgetIdManager for handling dynamic created widgets , extended popup menu for ListView widgets , better handling of WebKit widgets , client can now handle killing of servers when multiple tabs are open.
12-Feb-2011: pvbrowser 4.6.0 Integrated scripting language Lua. Now you can develop pvserver in Lua without the need for a C/C++ compiler and the Qt SDK. Adjusted DateTime/Date/Time strings delivered by pvbrowser to ISO standard.
26-Jan-2011: Integrated designer of pvdevelop improved
01-Jan-2011: pvbrowser 4.5.7 published.
29-Dec-2010: Updated operating system on pvbrowser.org
10-Dec-2010: pvbrowser 4.5.6 published.
08-Dec-2010: Screenshots from ESPartners Sweden, Using pvbrowser as a test bench for jet engine components.
18-Nov-2010: Italian version of pvbrowser documentation by Francesco Aria.
09-Nov-2010: Now a pvbrowser plugin for Firefox and Opera is available. Meanwhile the Qt solutions for pvbrowser plugins work well. Thus we are now able to provide a plugin. But there still exists one problem with Firefox under Linux. The plugin does not receive keyboard input in that configuration.
26-Oct-2010: Nokia has published an update for the N900. Now pvbrowser works well on the N900 (Tables are shown correctly, Screen can be panned without the need to use the scrollbar, Improved performance). Hint: In order to use the full screen switch off Toolbar and Statusbar and switch to Fullscreen. In order to return from Fullscreen to Window mode type CTRL-F on the keyboard.
27-Sep-2010: Now supporting counters (lifeCounter, readErrorCount, writeErrorCount) for observing the fieldbus daemons.
02-Sep-2010: pvbrowser-4.5.3 uploaded. Attention: There has been made a cleanup of class rlSvgAnimator. Therefore you must recompile your pvserver if you use animated SVG.
02-Aug-2010: A video has been uploaded to youtube showing a demo about pvbrowser.
19-Jul-2010: pvbrowser-4.5.2 uploaded
07-Jun-2010: New screenshots received from http://awite.com .
26-Apr-2010: New documentation in PDF format (deutsch/english).
15-Apr-2010: Screenshot showing analog instruments send by Mida Systems AB (user "rkl099" from our forum)
11-Apr-2010: pvbrowser now starts up much quicker on windows. Loading the help files needs very long on windows. Now loading these files is delayed until help is really needed.
31-Mar-2010: "Frohe Ostern" pvbrowser 4.5.1
01-Mar-2010: pvbrowser client for maemo (tested on Nokia N900) now ready for download.
18-Feb-2010: pvbrowser now running within maemo SDK (scratchbox). Must be tested on Nokia N900.
19-Jan-2010: pvbrowser-4.4.9 uploaded.
19-Dec-2009: We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good New Year 2010. pvbrowser-4.4.8 was uploaded. It now supports QDockWidgets, the sockaddr of clients is now available in rlsocket, a function rlSubmitPvserver was added, printing was reviewed and extended, a Home icon was added to pvbrowser with which you can go back to the start page and some bugs have been fixed.
11-Nov-2009: Those who want to contribute to pvbrowser now can access our git version control system.
git clone http://lsenet.de/home/pvb/.git pvb
git remote add pvb http://lsenet.de/home/pvb/.git 
Thus you are able to send us patches if you want to contribute to pvbrowser.
01-Nov-2009: Spelling error class rlDataA(c)quisition fixed in rllib. You may have to adjust this within your code. Please also download pvbaddon.tar.gz again. DockWidgets now initially take the position of the root widget.
16-Oct-2009: New DockWidget dialog available pvAddDockWidget() .
09-Oct-2009: Updated pvbrowser manual.
27-Sep-2009: New methods within rlSvgAnimator for zooming and panning a complete SVG graphic. An example can be found within pvbaddon.tar.gz directory pvbaddon/templates/weblayout/
02-Sep-2009: Fixed problem with QwtKnob under windows by updateing to qwt-5.2.0 .
30-Aug-2009: New class rlWebcam within rllib that supports motion jpeg webcams over http.
14-Aug-2009: TextBrowser widget now substituted by WebKit widget. Now it is possible to embed any webpage into a mask.
16-Jun-2009: The server can now open documents on the client tmp directory in format pdf | image | svg | txt | csv | html using a local program, that can be defined in the ini file. The document must be downloaded first. Using a right click on a table you can now save the table as CSV or open it in ooffice or excel. Translating language using rlIniFile i18n added.
04-May-2009: pvbrowser 4.3.8 Clicking on SVG objects now sends the correct BoundsOnElement for complex objects also (SVG objects can now produce clicked events). This is due to a bug fix in Qt 4.5. The fix is in effect on windows and linux systems that already use Qt 4.5 (The mac version will be updated soon). Help Files for the Qt Creator IDE are available under Download->Additional.
23-Mar-2009: Now binary packages are also available for Debian/Ubuntu (not only openSUSE/Fedora/Mandrake). Search for "pvbrowser" at openSUSE Buildservice .
17-Mar-2009: User "rkl099" from our forum contributed an implementation of the DCON protocol for pvbrowser. It is included within pvbaddon.tar.gz . The simple DCON daemon might also be usefull for someone searching for an example on using rlSerial, rlSharedMemory, rlMailbox and rlThread.
10-Mar-2009: pvbrowser-4.3.7 Table cells can be set as Button/Label/Pixmap/ComboBox/CheckBox. Shell scripts (build.sh/install.sh) adjusted to work on ubuntu.
26-Feb-2009: Arian Mares send us screenshots from a pvbrowser application for EON (energy distribution) romania using SVG and Modbus.
24-Jan-2009: pvbrowser-4.3.5 Button Events now deliver the actual mouse positon in p->mouse_x and p->mouse_y . rlSiemensTcp now checks if you tried to access non existant DB objects (Thanks to patch from Victor Centelles). QInputDialog fixed to support UTF8 also. You can allocate additional widgets after the widgets that are designed graphically by setting "p->num_additional_widgets = number;" before constructing your mask. Thus you can construct additional widgets also by algorithm.
15-Dec-2008: pvbrowser-4.3.4 some new functions for OpenGL support.
11-Nov-2008: IPv6 now supported.
03-Oct-2008: published pvbrower-4.3.1 fixing issues since july 2008.
29-Sep-2008: The driver for Hilscher CIF cards (we are using also) is now taken over by Greg Kroah Hartmann for integration into the linux kernel.
24-Jul-2008: Added documentation about SVG programming.
02-Jul-2008: Thanks to Matthias Kretschmer we now provide an install-pvbrowser.exe using Inno Setup.
22-Jun-2008: openSUSE 11.0 now supported (Version 4.2.9).
06-Jun-2008: Uploaded a bug fix version 4.2.8 . Fixed some issues with zooming when you set it != 100 percent within the ini file. Fixed a bug with hide/show for elements in SVG. As reported by Ernst Murnleitner and Martin Bangiev.
26-May-2008: pvbrowser 4.2.7 released.
18-May-2008: Created a mailing list.
27-Mar-2008: Arian Mares send us an application example about running a pvserver and data acquisition on a ICP DAS Lincon 8000 series ARM based system.
12-Feb-2008: Thanks to Kurt Braun we now support Allen Bradley PLC's Ethernet/IP with the use of TuxEIP . pvbrowser now also supports tabbed browsing. That is, you can connect to many pvservers at the same time using 1 tab for each pvserver. Attention: When testing tabbed browsing we detected a problem within the pvserver library. Because the pvserver can be multi threaded critical sections must be locked/unlocked. It turned out that memory free() isn't thread save and must be also handled as a critical section. This problem is now fixed within the library. Thus you need to recompile your pvserver in order to take advantage of this fix.
29-Jan-2008: updated documentation.
04-Jan-2008: Added support for Python programming within pvserver. Added import/export for Qt Designer ui-files.
09-Dec-2007: Fixed some minor issues. We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
25-Oct-2007: Now you can use RPM packages for various distributions from openSUSE build service. Search for "pvbrowser" there.
03-Oct-2007: Thanks to Timo Pallach pvbrowser can now be compiled with MinGW on Windows. Also the widgetType[] is now available from within pvserver.
01-Sep-2007: Added OPC XML-DA support.
04-Jul-2007: Added Video Screenshot of pvsexample.
18-May-2007: Added OS-X support.
14-Apr-2007: Added EIB/KNX access using EIBnet/IP.
02-Apr-2007: Updated homepage with "Server programming". The current version allows you to translate, scale and rotate objects within a SVG graphic.
14-Feb-2007: We show howto interface pvbrowser to PROFIBUS. See our wiki.
29-Jan-2007: Ivan Ibrin has completed his master thesis Development of a Driver for a PROFIBUS-PCMCIA Communication Interface Card under Linux Operating System at the University of Siegen under supervision of Prof. Schröder. Now we will be going to support Hilscher CIF cards within pvbrowser.
11-Dec-2006: Application example of pvbrowser. See: Heimautomation unter Linux mit pvbrowser und C-CONTROL Station
26-Nov-2006: pvbrowser Version 4.0.0 Release Qt4 available.
22-Nov-2006: pvbrowser Qt4 and Qt3 version available. Most current users have tested the compatibility of the Qt4 version to the Qt3 version. The pvbrowser-Qt4 release version will soon be uploaded.
27-Oct-2006: Received an application example of pvbrowser. See: SCADA for motor protection relays using pvbrowser
17-Oct-2006: pvbrowser development package Qt4 Beta-3 uploaded. Current users of pvbrowser should test, if pvdevelop + pvbrowser Qt4 are completely compatible with the Qt3 versions. Please backup your projects before testing.
29-Sep-2006: "pvbrowser" Wortmarke registered at Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt München. See: License
21-Sep-2006: Received a Spanish presentation of pvbrowser from BLC Venezuela. See: presentacion.pdf
13-Sep-2006: rllib extendet (rlFileLoad) . Fix in rlSocket.
22-Aug-2006: New Subversion. Fixed Bug in QDraw gSetStyle. Now draws with correct QPen Style. Please download again, if you are using this feature.
06-Aug-2006: Published a small pvbrowser chat program, that may be included within your visualization. See: pvbrowser chat
08-Jul-2006: Qt4 port of pvbrowser client beta is now available. Please test it with your existing pvserver's. See: Download->Source
12-Jun-2006: Feature freeze for pvbrowser client, because we are preparing Qt4 port.
26-May-2006: Fixed UTF-8 support upon request of Martin Bangiev. See Wiki Language support.
19-May-2006: started multilingual MediaWiki. See "Documentation". You are invited to supply more languages.
11-May-2006: new version 2.9 for pvbrowser and rllib. See "Home->Change Log".
06-Apr-2006: moving to virtual root server finished. Content of http://pvbrowser.org http://pvbrowser.de and https://pvbrowser.de should be the same. New subversion 2.8.5 available on local download (not sourceforge). Version info of client available.
Mar-2006: Moveing our website to a virtual root server at http://pvbrowser.de.

13-Mar-2006: received some screenshots from http://www.awite.com.

09-Mar-2006: pvbrowser at OpenVMS.
Since our port of the Qt2 Series to OpenVMS has not been integrated by Trolltech, only pvserver development is supported under OpenVMS.
Otherwise on OpenVMS we would have no QTable, Qwt, OpenGL and VTK available.

08-Mar-2006: License clearyfied.
Trying to found a joined venture. More is following.
Packages updated.
pvserver development is easier on Linux (Qt Designer Version 3). On Windows install MS VisualC++ 6.0 or higher.
OpenGL and VTK have to be fixed on Linux. Windows OK.

19-Feb-2006: Added Sourceforge-Link to topic->home

16-Jan-2006: DSL Problem in our Hometown
04-Dec-2005: Branched a commercial version of pvbrowser. Best regards: S. Lehrig, Finkenstr. 3, D-57368 Lennestadt-Saalhausen
14-Nov-2005: New Subversion. pvbrowser can be compiled using GCC4. New functions: pvMysqldump() pvCSVcreate() pvCSVdump() pvCSV()

27-Aug-2005: Preview of pvbrowser with Qt4.0.1 . QWT is currently commented out. Qt4 must be improved before release.

22-Aug-2005: New subversion 2.8.2 of pvbrowser. Extended generator ui2pvc (Assignment of physical values from within Qt Designer). Extended pvbuilder. Extended online help system.

18-Aug-2005: We really tried to provide Netscape Plugins of pvbrowser for Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera. For this we used the classes provided by Qt. The result is very disappointing. The plugin is very very slow. And furthermore it has different quality in the different browsers and under Linux and Windows. In contrast the kpart for konqueror runs practiacally as good as the standalone pvbrowser. Thus we will not propagate browser plugins.

06-Aug-2005: New version 2.8 of pvbrowser. pvbrowser provides a kpart for integration into konqueror or firefox now. Layout Management is now implemented. Input Layout in Qt Designer. Code will be generated by ui2pvc. Soap XML file, containing widget information can be generated by ui2pvc.

02-Jul-2005: ui2pvc will optionally generate a soap xml file. Using the information in the xml file, you can generate the code for data acquisition. This can be used to create pvservers without manual programming.

02-Jul-2005: Integration of Hilscher Profibus cards is delayed, because Hilscher currently does not provide support for PCMCIA Profibus cards. We first will have to extend the Hilscher driver.

26-Mar-2005: Today I made a fix in rlSiemensTCP. "Merker" and "Datenbaustein" had been exchanged. Please load rllib from our download page.

19-Mar-2005: Today we have tested Siemens S7-300 PLC. Now Siemens S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 are tested. Please load rllib from our download page.

09-Mar-2005: Today I received a PROFIBUS-DP/FMS-Master card + PROFIBUS-DP-Slave Testboard. I will be busy for a while.

08-Mar-2005: Data Acquisition now integrated in pvbuilder.

06-Mar-2005: External plot tools like gnuplot or ploticus may be used in pvbrowser. These tools will produce temporary files. For these temporary files you may use p->file_prefix so that file names become unique. The temporary files starting with p->file_prefix will be automatically deleted when the user disconnects. Start the plot tool from pvserver using system(). The result of the plot tools will be a bitmap file. Use pvDownloadFileAs() and pvSetImage() to bind these bitmap files into your visualization. Example.

06-Mar-2005: Users of rllib reported that rlSiemensTCP works with S7-400 and corresponding VIPA PLC's. You have to configure fetch/write on your PLC. S7-200 has been tested before. S7-300 is not tested jet.

06-Mar-2005: pvbrowser now has a new application "pvbuilder". Using "pvbuilder" you can create and maintain pvserver projects. Simply choose "File->new visualization" to create a new project. When Qt Designer pops up, create a new dialog with all your widgets. After this you can run your pvserver the first time. It is also possible to define PLC access from "pvbuilder".

06-Mar-2005: Forum closed because of destructive elements in the internet.