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rllib is a C++ library for serverside programming. Programming with rllib is independend of the underlying operating system. By using #ifdef statements within the library the dependencies from the operating system are encapsulated. The user of rllib does not need to care under which operating system the final application should run. Only filenames and devicenames used in calls to rllib are different under different operating systems. For example a serial line in Unix syntax might be /dev/ttyUSB0 or COM3 in Windows syntax.


The Reference manual for rllib can also be read from the help menu of pvdevelop.

Linux Windows Apple OS-X OpenVMS

Classes within rllib

rllib provides classes for the following areas:

  • Network communication (TCP and UDP IPv4/IPv6)
  • Shared memory
  • Mailboxes
  • Serial lines
  • Fifo
  • Spawning external applications and connecting them over a pipe (unix only)
  • Threads
  • Semaphores
  • Mutexes
  • Time
  • Ascii file handling
  • Spreadsheet and CSV files
  • INI files and translating applications into different languages
  • Event log
  • Process start/control
  • Historical data logging
  • Generating reports
  • PLC/Fieldbus communication
  • Support classes for SoftPLC
  • Statemachine
  • Support for motion jpeg webcams
  • Animation of SVG graphics in pvbrowser