pvbrowser, pvb® - The Process Visualiation Browser.

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Windows package

Run the installer with the "Run As Administrator" option and install into a directory without spaces in the pathname. Right click the installer EXE from windows explorer in order to check this option.

If you want to develop your own servers please install the complete pvbrowser from install-pvbrowser.exe. Then you must install the Qt libraries for Windows and MinGW. Our installer now provides a replacement for the Makefile generator "qmake". Because of this "fake_qmake" it is now possible to develop pvservers without the Qt development package. It is sufficient to install the MinGW C++ compiler.

You will have to define the environment variables %QTDIR% and %MINGWDIR% to point to the installation directories where the executables from Qt and MinGW can be found (qmake.exe, mingw32-make.exe and the C++ compiler). The qmake tool from Qt will be used to create a Makefile for your projects. The installation procedure of pvbrowser defines the environment variable %PVBDIR% and adds %PVBDIR%\win-mingw\bin to your %PATH% environment variable. Since it does not know where the Qt SDK is located this must be defined manually either in "start_pvdevelop.bat" or within your system control center.

Example setting for "Qt libraries for Windows and MinGW"

rem ### for qt5.5.1 ###
SET    QTDIR=C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\5.5\mingw492_32
SET MINGWDIR=C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\Tools\mingw492_32
set PATH=%MINGWDIR%\bin;%QTDIR%\bin;%PVBDIR%\win-mingw\bin;c:\windows;c:\windows\system32

Attention !!!

If you have problems compiling old projects the reason might be related to changes in the qt development package. You should change the windows part of the project files to:

# Attention:
# starting with mingw 4.8 we use mingw pthread and not our own mapping to windows threads
# you will have to adjust existing pro files
win32-g++ {
QMAKE_LFLAGS      += -static-libgcc
win32:LIBS        += $(PVBDIR)/win-mingw/bin/libserverlib.a
win32:LIBS        += $(PVBDIR)/win-mingw/bin/librllib.a
win32:LIBS        += -lws2_32 -ladvapi32 -lpthread
win32:INCLUDEPATH += $(PVBDIR)/pvserver
win32:INCLUDEPATH += $(PVBDIR)/rllib/lib

If you want to start pvserver as service in the background, use xyntservice .

Download the pvbrowser, pvb® client only

install-pvbrowser-client.exe (64 bit version created with MSVC)


Use this package if you only need the client. Here you do not need to make any manual adjustments.

Download the whole pvbrowser, pvb® development package

install-pvbrowser.exe (complete development package created with Mingw)


Please read Quick Start Guide

Snapshot of Mingw that you could use with our development package.

Download of pvservice.tar.gz

A small tool for starting console applications as Windows Service.